Pill Pro Medicine & Pills Storage Organizer 7-Days Compact Organizer

  • Rs.499.00

-Material = Heavy Duty Plastic

-Contains Seven Small Plastic Boxes ( Monday To Sunday)

-4 Partitions in Each Box For ( Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed)

-One Complete Weeks Storage Capacity

-Length = 4 inches X Width = 2.2 inches X Height = 4.8 inches

-Used For Storing Medicines  

  • Pill Pro lets you conveniently organize your medicine and vitamins for each day of the week. Inside the Pill Pro are 7 portable trays, one for every day of the week. Plus, each day of the week is clearly marked and has four compartments for separating pills or organizing them by time of day.
  • When you pull the day?s tray out of the bottom of the Pill Pro, the next tray slides down into place. Simply refill Pill Pro by removing the top.
  • EXTRAORDINARY WEEKLY PILL ORGANIZER: This unique 7-day AM PM weekly pill organizer is designed for storing a huge lot of pills and vitamins of all sizes and shapes at a single place. It makes managing your weekly medicine prescription easy.
  • REMARKABLE DESIGN: The cutting-edge dispenser is constructed to hold seven trays separately. Each tray is dedicated for one weekday and has four compartments with morning, noon, evening and night label.
  • 7 Day Pill Organizer 4 Compartments for each day ? Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed 7 Portable trays to take with you to work, school, vacation etc. 2-pack: you will get two

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